New Volunteer Introduction

Hi! Thank you for volunteering with MATCH and our COVID-19 response project. Below is meant to be a quick "getting started" page for new volunteers, or anyone looking for a refresher!

Roles and Responsibilities

Below is a list of available roles along with their responsibilities! Note: you can do more than one! We have volunteers buying and delivering groceries, or volunteers doing translation and administration for example.

  • Administration - team to handle processing and readying of requests for deliveries
  • Intake / Translation - team to assist translating printed materials to other languages as well as package up new requests to hand to the Administration team for assignment
  • Outreach/Fundraising - team to help us raise money. Social media posts, asking around in offline circles, etc.
  • Buying team or "Buyers" - team to help purchase groceries from stores, or coordinate purchasing expensive items like diapers. THIS IS A HIGH RISK OF EXPOSURE ROLE
  • Delivery team or "Runners" - team to help deliver groceries to people. THIS IS A HIGH RISK OF EXPOSURE ROLE

What now?

So you just got added to our chat. Great! Let's get started! Here's a brief overview of our process

  • Calls and requests come in to the Intake/Translation teams
  • Admin team logs the specific needs and assigns a number
  • Admin team posts the available numbers with their respective municipality in the chat
  • You claim a delivery by saying “I can deliver to (#)!”
  • Admin team messages directly with the address, phone number, and pertinent information


This is a quick highlights section of our buying and delivery process. Please review the entire process before making your first delivery.

  • Budget is $50-75 per household. While shopping lists may be very extensive, we can't buy everything as we're trying to ensure we can provide to as many households as possible. Shopping at less expensive stores help stretch this out, as well as buying expensive items from big box stores.
  • MATCH Buying and Delivery guidelines must be followed.
  • Make sure you get a receipt. You will not be reimbursed without one!
  • Make contact with your delivery person for a good window to make the delivery.
  • Bring groceries to the outside door to the house/apartment, and place outside.
  • Move a minimum of six feet back (if you have trouble estimating, moving to the curb or a parked car is enough distance) and call the recipient to let them pick up their groceries
  • Send picture of receipt and delivery to Kristen for reimbursement!