Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Mutual Aid Tenant Collective of Hudson County (MATCH).

Article II - Purpose

The Mutual Aid Tenant Collective of Hudson County (hereinafter referred to as MATCH) establishes the following as its primary goals and objectives:

  1. Building tenant power against landlords and the establishment of autonomous tenants organizations;
  2. Creating mutual aid programs to support and build networks for our neighbors exploited under capitalism and systemic oppression;
  3. Organizing members’ workplaces to build power for the working class;
  4. Socialist political education and the building of broader working class consciousness and identity.

Mission Statement

MATCH is a collective of residents in Hudson County, NJ that organises historically disenfranchised communities living in Hudson County. We do this through outreach, social and political education and mutual aid support initiatives that establish community solidarity and advance community rights, specifically focusing on housing justice and economic liberation.

Article III - Membership

Membership in MATCH shall be open to any resident of Hudson County, New Jersey who supports the statement in Article II. Membership is granted after completion of a membership application and screening process. Membership is contingent upon a quarterly affirmation of intent to participate in organizational work.

Each member who has participated in organizational work within the last two quarters shall be considered to be in good standing and shall have the right to vote on organizational business, including but not limited to the funding of organization programs and the election of a steering committee. Members will have the opportunity to be reimbursed for organizational activities voted on and approved by the general membership.

A member may be removed from membership by submitting a letter of resignation or for the following reasons:

  1. Engaging in harassment or violating the civil rights of another member(s);
  2. Advocating violence or terrorism;
  3. Disrupting meetings;
  4. Being primarily under the motives of another organization;
  5. Interfering with the democratic nature of the organization; and/or
  6. Present or past work in the criminal punishment system.

If a member is to be removed from membership for any reason other than their resignation, the member shall be notified by the Steering Committee after a majority of the Steering Committee votes to remove the member. The member shall have the right to defend themselves in front of an open meeting of the organization. The member shall have at least 14 days between being notified of the Steering Committee’s vote and presenting their defense. The member shall only be removed following a two-thirds vote of all members present at their defense.

In the case of a grievance between members, the matter may be referred to a restorative justice process before removal is considered.

Article IV - Meetings

Meetings for MATCH shall be held monthly and are open to members and non-members.

Special meetings may be called by the Steering Committee or by a petition of at least 10% of members. Special meetings must be announced to the general membership at least one week in advance.

A quorum for a meeting of the members shall consist of at least twenty percent (20)% of membership in good standing. All issues to be voted on shall be decided by a simple majority of those present at the meeting in which the vote takes place and those voting via absentee ballot. Absentee ballots may be accepted up until the start of a meeting.

Article V - Finances

Dues shall be established with a quarterly structure, with the option for annual payments. Dues shall not be required for membership but are encouraged to fund organizational activities.

One-time expenditures of organizational funds up to 5% of the organization’s cash assets can be approved by a simple majority of the Steering Committee. Recurring expenditures and expenditures in excess of 5% of the organization’s cash assets must be approved by a simple majority vote of members in good standing.

Organizational funds shall be secured in a bank account in the name of MATCH. Dues, donations, and other monetary contributions should be deposited as soon as possible after receipt. Funds shall be tracked in a shared location where the steering committee can easily access the information at any time. Financial reporting shall be included as part of the monthly meeting, and shall include publicly sharing the most recent bank statement.

Access to the bank account shall be granted to two members in good standing who shall be known as the organization’s Treasurers (defined in Article VI. Committees).

Article VI - Committees

I. Steering Committee

A Steering Committee consisting of five (5) members shall be responsible for planning meetings and other administrative tasks for the organization. The general membership shall be the highest decision-making body of the organization. Elections for the Steering Committee shall be held quarterly.

II. Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the social media accounts as well as monitoring the email and voicemails of the organization. There shall be no fewer than two (2) members of the communications committee. Elections for the communications committee shall be held quarterly.

III. Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall consist of the organization’s two (2) treasurers as well as two members of the Steering Committee. The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring accurate financial reporting at the monthly membership meeting, as well as monitoring the cash assets of the organization.

A. Treasurers

The organization shall have two treasurers with equal access to the electronic bookkeeping and bank account of the organization. Treasurers are responsible for timely and accurate reporting of donations, contributions, dues, expenditures, and all other financial transactions for the organization. Treasurers are also responsible for depositing cash donations, dues, and other cash contributions in a timely manner. Elections for treasurer shall be held annually. Eligibility for treasurer position requires active membership in the organization for at least six months prior to election.

IV. Additional Committees

Ad hoc committees/positions may be created and appointed by the Steering Committee  at any time.

Committee members may be removed at any time either by submitting a letter of resignation or through a vote by general membership. A committee member must be given one month’s notice of the motion for removal and must be given an opportunity to present their defense at a general meeting. The member shall only be removed from the committee following a ⅔ majority vote of all members present at their defense.

Article VII - Amendments

Amendments to these by-laws may be adopted concerning any matter at any regular general membership meeting.

Amendments must be introduced in writing at a general meeting and may not be voted on until the following general meeting. Amendments must reach a ⅔ majority of voting members.